The ports used for Hyper-V integration

Hello Experts,

Can I confirm that Morpheus is using port 443 for Hyper-V integration?

Thank you.

@yingshuang - winrm will be used to connect from Morpheus to the hyper-v host. This will either be HTTP port 5985 or HTTPS port 5986. When you add the the hyper-v host, Morpheus will also install the Morpheus agent, this will be HTTPS 443 from the hyper-v host to the Morpheus appliance.

Hi @rboyd ,

thank you so much for your information.

So, means, the port 443 does not need from Morpheus to Hyper-v host for integration purpose?

correct the agent would be initiating the connection from the hyper-v host to Morpheus on 443.