Support More Cloud Use Costs in Analytics

Add more cloud usage types and views to Analytics

The Analytics function of Morpheus is a fantastic way to see and predict cloud spend across multiple clouds. One of the problems is that the Analytics only covers instance spend. If someone is using DBaaS (RDS/Aurora/Azure SQL/etc), FaaS (Lambda, Cloud Functions) or storage (S3, Blob), there’s no analytics to that spend. I can’t see my total cloud spend or what’s changing month to month.

The data is available through the same APIs that instance pricing is coming from and the invoices in the Invoice view have the data as well. It’s there, it just needs to be displayed.

Example/Use case(s):
If I have an S3 Bucket, RDS database, some EC2 instances and 300 Lambda runs, show me those costs in Analytics. It would be nice to see that as a Per Cloud Spend pie chart/report to see percentage of spend on various services inside of one cloud. It would also be great to see matching types of services in one chart, say all database as a service (ex. 70% on RDS, 20% on Aurora, 5% Azure SQL, 5% Google Cloud SQL) to figure out where my database spend is going.

We have a breakdown of the different service costs of the public cloud (AWS, Azure) in the cloud itself.

Speaking with AJ, he would like to see that information be populated in the Analytics section when you select a cloud there.