Support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM)

We have a customer that uses Azure, OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), OLVM (Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager) and VMware. Morpheus would be a great solution for them.

Would you confirm that Morpheus can manage OCI and OLVM natively?

We have noticed that OPC (oracle public cloud) is on the supportability list but it is the name of the first edition of oracle cloud, The new one is OCI with different gui/cli.

Additionally the supportability of private cloud covers Oracle VM. Is OLVM (Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager) supported as well? OVM is not developed anymore. The new technological product is OLVM based on KVM. It is important for customers that uses Oracle DB. OLVM is the only licensing hard partitioning option.

I’m also looking for the same information in regards to OLVM. Have a requirement to move from OVM 3 to OLVM.

I noted OLVM appears to be KVM and oVirt, does this mean we can use the KVM option in Morpheus for these hosts? (currently running up a poc now).

The morpheus “Oracle Public Cloud” integration is in fact the latest compute infrastructure from Oracle based on OCI, which supports both the commercial and gov cloud versions of OCI. This should be functional out of the box.

The OVM integration in morpheus is support for the old version of Oracle virtualization. It is NOT intended for use with OLVM. However, with OLVM based on KVM, its possible the morpheus KVM cloud type could function with it if integration APIs are the same, but this support has NOT been tested/confirmed in our lab and therefore is NOT in our official support matrix.

Hope that clears everything up :+1:

Thanks a lot for clear and precise answer.