Support for NSX OSPF functionality from Morpheus interface

NSX-T 3.1.1 introduced support for OSPF routing protocol for Tier-0 gateways. The additional OSPF support from vmware NSX helps customers to migrate their environment to NSX with their existing OSPF routing functionalities.

We received a request from one of our customer and they are expecting OSPF routing functionalities and configurations from Morpheus interface for their environment. Currently Morpheus support Tier0 BGP configuration from UI, additional to that we would like to see OSPF support from Morpheus for the tier 0 gateways.

At minimal we are expecting below functionalities from Morpheus -UI for the OSPF support.

  1. OSPF service enable/disable functionality
  2. Ability to create “Area Definition” for OSPF
  3. Option to choose “OSPF Configured Interface” which includes below functionalities
    1. Interface selection
    2. Area ID selection
    3. Network type selection
    4. Ability to enable OSPF
  4. Ability to enable/disable OSPF ECMP and “Default Route Originates”
  5. Ability to create Route-redistribution for OSPF
  6. Ability to Enable/Disable OSPF Status, BGP Status under Route-Redistribution