Special characters being removed from vm / instance name when deploying to GCP

Just noticed that when I deploy to google (GCP), it is removing any special characters from the instance name when deploying in gcp. So I end up with mismatch instance names and vm names. Example:
gc-ts-l-win1 converts to the vm/compute name in gcp of gctslwin1.

Is there a way to fix this? It doesn’t appear to be a limitation within google, as I can deploy with dashes in the console without error.

Hopefully one of you can help me out…


Hi @smittyt2! This will be fixed in v5.4.12 (estimate release next week) and v5.5.2.

We didn’t realize this got submitted as an idea instead of a bug and was just identified recently.

That is great news, but is there a way for me to get it today as a beta upgrade? I am somewhat stuck in a major project. I could always revert if I run into issues…

or if there is a patch or anything to keep me moving forward.

Unfortunately not until next week’s release. I believe only hyphens - are being stripped so the work around would be to not utilize those momentarily.

In our testing, it seems to strip any special characters. Thanks for the information!

@smittyt2 from the GCP documentation I find no other special character is allowed besides a hyphen (which will be fixed next release)

Cool, thanks for the assistance! I will be anxiously awaiting the release next week.