Shell script output to an input to python task

Hello ,

i do have mix of python and shell tasks in workflow ,my shell script gives me some result in single value which i want to pass it to next python task ?

Whats the format to call shell script result to a python task ?
this below syntax is not working


same below is working for shell task
echo “single: <%=results.shell_on_Ec_iqn_2%>”

Hi Paul,

Please try in python script task that runs next to the shell script task.

print(results[‘shell_on_Ec_iqn’]) // assume ‘shell_on_Ec_iqn’ is the field code for shell task


am still getting same error

if i gave both task name and task code field filled on task creation window then its not working , i have to remove code value from the task window to work it

Python variables are consumed with the formatting of morpheus['results']['fieldName']

Thank you , we fixed it