Service Now plugin issue

I have a SNOW instance running on Rome release and has the Morpheus Plugin 3.5.1 installed from the Service Now Marketplace. It did work with older versions of Morpheus I am not sure when it quit working though.

Getting an error when trying to retrieve data via the Morpheus SNOW Plugin from SNOW. We can authenticate via the plugin via the MidServer. Hower when it tries to retrieve data it is failing.

The first Warning I see in the Morpheus Logs is below:

[appJobLow-15] HTTP Request for OptionTypeList SNOW app list Failed: 401 for
a few seconds later…
[appJobLow-20] path: /api/v1/namespaces error: 401 - {“kind”:“Status”,“apiVersion”:“v1”,“metadata”:{},“status”:“Failure”,“message”:“Unauthorized”,“reason”:“Unauthorized”,“code”:401}

Is this related to the change in Morpheus from Options to Inputs in the 5.4 release? Version of Morpheus being used is 5.4.8.

But since it is a 401 error thinking it is actually not Authenticating. I did see in a old post that SNOW had to specify api v2 but that was awhile ago. Morpheus 4.1.2 I think…

Still troubleshooting but thought I would post some thoughts for comment