Select Kubernetes package to be installed when provisioning

How do you select what packages are going to be installed when provisioning a Kubernetes cluster? For example, if we don´t want rook to be installed, how can we set this?

Custom cluster layouts can be defined within the Blueprints > Cluster Layouts. When you create a cluster layout, you can configure default packages required for the cluster. There is a clone option for out of box (OOB) cluster layouts so an initial structure can quickly be made.

@cbunge This does not seem to work in which, upon cloning one of the OOTB layouts, which have packages set to required (eq. MKS Kubernetes 1.22 Cluster on Ubuntu 20.04) it does not clone the packages but only the nodes.

I am able to add packages through the Control tab but i cannot disable them through the Control tab (potentially an upcoming feature :wink: ).

Depending on which flavour of K8 Cluster you selected the Cloning option on the cluster layouts might not apply. For example, EKS Clusters, there is no way to clone the OOTB cluster layout (potential new feature :wink: ).

That being said, from a functionality perspective the cluster provisioning works 100% regardless of which K8 Cluster you prefer and i am looking very much forward to the ongoing maturity of this functionality.

Keep doing the good stuff and building maturity Morpheus :slight_smile: as every new version provides a great leap forward (++Kudos :stuck_out_tongue: )