✅ Security Scan Job without relation to existing system

Security Scan Job without need to select any concrete system:
When we create a Security Scan Job, we must provide a Context Type and Context Server. If we do not provide a concrete server system, we get an error “one or more servers are required”. That is okay with the overall philosophy that a scan should run on a system. We would like to improve the environment with generic Scan Jobs that can be run whenever a new system is around - but we would like to create the Jobs before the system (and not the other way round). We see Scan Jobs extremly important and need to be more flexible than now.

The idea is, that we would like to provide 20 Scan Jobs as an offering, like for several Ubuntu boxes, several Red Hat boxes, and so on. At the moment of creation, we do not know how many Ubuntus or Red Hats are around, so we only create the Scan Jobs without any relation to a server or instance. Later, when servers are provisioned, we use the Scan Jobs on them by usage of the before created offering.

Example/Use case(s):
Do not provision an Instance/Server and than create a Security Scan Job for this system. Do it the other way round: create generic Scan Jobs and use them whenever it is appropriate.

Hi @kai.nunnemann ,

So we implemented Server Label and Instance Label jobs for this reason! you can create a scap job based off of a Label, and when machines get that label added they will be dynamically added to the job. (believe we added this in 6.0.0)

Does this solve your request?

Hi Chris,
Thank you - that is the solution. I missed somehow the thing with the Label…