Retrieve the health of your appliance in a single Python program

Hi all,

I have written a Python program that polls the health API (‘Retrieve Appliance Health’) at a configurable time interval to retrieve health information about your appliance (essentially, the data you see under Administration > Health in the UI). It is very basic but it is a useful starting point as a template when polling the Health API.

It works by sending the API call above to your appliance or appliance node (the latter is only relevant if you have a HA installation) at regular intervals. The polling interval is in seconds and you should be prompted for this when you first run the program. You should also be prompted for input in relation to the Morpheus node you want to check the health for - in the simplest of terms, the hostname or IP address of your appliance.

Usage is as simple as:
python3 > Voila! Health metrics at your fingertips. This program would be particularly useful when integrating into some type of custom dashboard / monitoring solution.

If anyone has any enhancements/ideas in mind, feel free to add to it :grinning: :