RBAC for Storage (File Shares)

Looking to allow defined RBAC for roles/groups to Infrastructure->Storage->File Shares

We are looking to allow our end users to have a pre-defined dropzone for files or backups, and currently when providing role access, the users see ALL of the storage [file shares, volumes]. We would like a granular RBAC to allow certain roles access to the individual resource level to segregate the teams access to the file shares/volumes

Also if possible to restrict the upload/download permissions as well [not Full/Read/No-Access, have a little more granular access to allow for a user to utilize the download feature only, the upload feature or both]

Team A needs access to Volume 1 to access data, Team B needs access to File Share X, Team C needs access to File share Y, but download only

This granularity is used to the sensitivity of the data and the ownership of the data that is being used in Morpheus

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