Provide Group/Tenant level isolation for "Infrastructure: DHCP Servers" , "Infrastructure: DHCP Relay" services

DHCP Server ,DHCP Relay services which are configured from the Morpheus tenant role should have Group level/Tenant level isolation.

As a Morpheus tenant user, I am facing difficulty to isolate the NSX-T DHCP server, DHCP Relay services which are configured. I didn’t find a way to isolate the DHCP objects with respect to a tenant, rather it is visible to all the tenants who are under the same NSX-T manager.

We believe this problem will be solved if we have a Group/Tenant level isolation. Currently Morpheus will support this isolation in "Infrstructure:Networks , Infrastructure:Routers cases. So It would be good if Morpheus can implement similar tenant level architecture in case of NSX-T DHCP services as well.

Example/Use case(s):

  1. Master tenant who used to onboard cloud (Vmware) and NSX-T

  2. Each Tenant will have dedicated cloud

  3. I am using same NSX-T manager for all the tenant networking, but while integrating to Morpheus I will assign the respective tenant cloud onboarded.

Note: We have tested this multi tenant architecture from Morpheus and it is working as expected in case of NSX Networks , Routers and NSX firewalls. But in case of DHCP Services it is broken.

Use case:

  1. Create 2 tenants

  2. Onboard cloud from Master and assign to appropriate Tenant(In backend it is a single Vcenter with Multiple resource pool created, here 2 Resource-pool for 2 tenants)
    Cloud-1 to Tenant-1
    Cloud-2 to Tenant-2

  3. Onboard NSX-T manager from Master and assign to tenants (Same NSX-T manager, only the cloud assignment is different here with respect to tenant)
    Tenant-1------- NSX-T integration points to "Tenant1-Cloud "
    Tenant-2------- NSX-T integration points to "Tenant2-Cloud "

  4. Login as Tenant-1 and Create NSX-T DHCP server from Network integration page

  5. Check the DHCP Server visibility from Tenanat-2