Pass a List of vpc security groups

We are provisioning RDS instances via terraform through morpheus

Spec template → Catalog (uses forms)
Form uses security group option list and allows multiple selection of security groups

Form is attached to the catalog.
Catalog item contains
vpc_security_group_ids": “<%=customOptions.vpc_security_group_ids%>”,

When provisioining, the form displays drop down for selecting multiple security groups.
Once a security group(s) is selected and you select “Add to Order” we get the message Group must be selected;
Logs don’t show much associated with the error.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

TIA for you help

Can you remove the quotes from “<%=customOptions.vpc_security_group_ids%>” in the catalog item?

I believe its erroring because its invalid JSON. Since the variable is “[SG1, SG2]” making it “”[SG1, SG2]“”

Removing the quotes, causes the catalog to not load throwing a Gasket error.

The quotes around <%=customOptions.vpc_security_group_ids%> looks different than the quotes around vpc_security_group_ids

Is it just typo?

Its a typo Corrected below:
“vpc_security_group_ids”: “<%=customOptions.vpc_security_group_ids%>”,

We got it working :slight_smile: