NSX: Workflow execution when new network provision happens

When customer is creating new NSX segment (new network) We would like to trigger automation.
Is it possible to have workflow run when user creates new network segment using NSX 4.1 integration?

Example/Use case(s):
Customer tenant has a direct NSX project integration on tenant level with dedicated service account which is different from service account that is used for vCenter integration.

  1. Customer creates new NSX segment
  2. When segment appears in vCenter it is lacking permissions and assignment to tenant
    So customer even being able to create a segment still cannot use it for new Workload provision.

Having workflow initiated when network is created would offer lot more flexibility in terms of automating infrastructure

This can currently be achieved if you do an operational workflow catalog item for creation of the segment. You would basically create the form fields you need, then call the Morpheus api to create the segment then call a cloud sync. Once the segment appears you could run your next tasks in the workflow.


Customer admin needs to control much more things in NSX than only segment creation.
It will never work to say that you need to create NSX segment only using catalog item (which also will not be easy to maintain - technically duplicating what is there already) and not to use primary integration that is available for them.