NSX-T custom ports & DNS targets on firewall rules

When configuring firewall rules in NSX-T the interface is quite restrictive. Is there any way to have free text entry for some of the fields?

The main issues:
Source/destinations can be selected from pre-defined objects configured in NSX-T, IP addresses, (eg, or a CIDR (eg However, they can’t be a range of addresses or a DNS entry.

The service/port has to be configured directly in NSX-T before it can be selected in Morpheus. This means that configuring firewall rules isn’t necessarily something a customer can do themselves if the service doesn’t already exist.

We are limited by the number of objects that can be configured in NSX-T, but using the NSX-T UI we can set values without creating objects for them and not hit this limit. Can Morpheus work in the same way?

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