Network Tags for Existing VMS

Add and Chance Network Tags on existing VM´s is a need for customers

It is known that you can add network tags on vms provisioning process, but have the option to add and chance Network Tags on existing or discovered VM´s is a need for customers, Network management and governance is usually execute by Tags, so when a customer have the need of a CMP like Morpheus is when they have certain complexity, so the need of add an change network tags most be an common used feature.

Example/Use case(s):
When you need to set permission on certain networks for governance you use Network Tags

Modifying or adding additional tags can happen at any time on a machine. The only requirement is it exists as an instance (which means anything discovered needs to be converted to managed). Once at the instance level, select “edit” and you should have the option to add or modify tags as applicable.

Thanks Chirs i will try this

Checking in more depth, i figure out that tags you mentioned are for the VM, the thing is that networks tags are different and the issue is that i didnt find the way to change those when the vm already exist, any suggestion?


Ah read this in a hurry and missed the phasing for network tags. Are you speaking across all clouds or specifically GCP that requires tagging for fw?

Thanks Chris, by now is for GCP