Morpheus v5.5.2 has released!

Morpheus version 5.5.2 has released. Download details for the update are posted to Morpheus Hub ( and upgrade procedures are listed in Morpheus documentation ( 5.5.2 is a very large update but a list of highlights with links to relevant documentation are listed below.

5.5.2 Release Notes

  • RBAC improvements - video
    • Roles UI improvements
    • Increased granularity for Instance access permissions
    • Edit Subtenant Roles from Master Tenant (without impersonating)
  • Labels - docs - video
  • Add Price Sets to Instance Types and Layouts. When the Instance Type and/or Layout is provisioned, amounts from those Price Sets become additive to any amounts which would apply from the Service Plan
  • Add new OAuth clients and edit timeout windows for default OAuth clients - docs
  • Terraform enhancements added in LTS stream brought forward to Standard stream - docs
  • Change Cloud functionality brought forward from LTS stream to Standard stream
  • IPv6 support added for Morpheus IP Pools
  • New “Price” phase added to Provisioning Workflows - docs - video
  • New plugins on the Morpheus Exchange and many existing plugins have updates. Current plugin users are recommended to upgrade
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Awesome release team :slight_smile: I’m loving the RBAC improvements and all of the new Morpheus Exchange plugins.

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