More venv fun


I know when creating a Python task I should list any non-standard packages and they’ll be downloaded like a requirements file usually works but we’re in a secure environment so they need to be pre-installed. They also have to be security vetted and installed from our artifactory so they’ll be in a tar file. I’ve asked our box admin to install them but I still can’t pick them up so I’m guessing we’re missing a location or something along those lines.

Do you have an install process to pre-install Python tar package files for venv Python tasks? This is critical for one of our use cases for Morpheus.

Thanks Mark

So we looked at the Python installation and usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages folder and I can see the pip install worked fine but still when a venv spins up and execute pip3 list --local I cannot see any of the packages I installed.

Our pip3 config does actually point to our artifactory and I have included the packages in the additional packages field. But still despite having them pre-installed and pointed to using the task mechanism I’m still not picking them up.

Also I tried a pip3 install out of interest within the task and it tried to use PyPI instead of our artifactory which is configured in the pip3 settings.