Monthly and Daily power schedule

Add Monthly and Daily power schedules

Our clinet is looking to have power schedule that can accomidate monthly, like every month 1 to 12th one schedule and 12 to 25th one schedule. so our client can save more money on stopping the instances. Right now we can have only weekly power schedule, if Morpheus can have a monthly and Daily power schedule that will help Clinets to save more money for having more ways to sopt/start the instances etc…

Example/Use case(s):
Business Day1 - Business Day13 Proposed Power Schedule 7am to 8pm
Business Day14 - Business Day22 Proposed Power Schedule 7am to 6pm
Business Day22 to end of the month stop the instances

with weekly schedule we can not accomidate the above request, if we can have a monthly power schedule that would be really good for Clients,.

Sorry I’m misinterpreting a bit, but can’t you already do this? Our schedules are essentially a cron calculator so if I want something to run monthly on the 1st, 14th, and 22nd it would be something like this:

0 0 1,14,22 * * - The cron schedule expression editor*

i think your taking about Execute scheduling, i am talking about Power schedule. Right now we only have weekly power schedule

Hi @cbunge

can this be added in the future?