Inputs should be usable in Forms with all forms advanced options available

Inputs should be usable in Forms with all of the advanced options that forms provide for those inputs.


Currently the platform allows for the generation of “Inputs” that can be re-used across many different forms. However the inputs are limited in their options sets when imported into a form. If you create the same input directly int he form itself, you get access to these advanced options. However that input that is created in the form builder is not re-usable. This presents a severe limitation as it now means if I need the same input in 5 different forms, that I have to create that input 5 times, and if I need to update it I have to remember each location it exists and update it 5 times.

It would make much more sense to either A) Have a toggle on the Inputs that says “Form Enhanced Options” or B) when the input is imported into a Form, activate those enhanced options and allow them to be set.