Infrastructure > Cloud not visible for tenants

I’ve created a tenant and assign a user in the tenant to have all access, however the clouds part is not showing up - In Infrastructure

How are you providing the cloud to the subtenant? Are you:

  1. Integrating a cloud direct in the subtenant and cannot see the Infrastructure - Clouds menu item
  2. Or sharing a cloud that is integrated in the master tenant and cannot see it in the subtenant

For 1 - you will need to make sure that the tenant role also allows the Infrastructure - Clouds permission
For 2 - you need to set the visibility on the cloud and also allow the cloud via the tenant role. You will also need to set tenant access on cloud resources such as networks and resource pools as well.

We cover all of this in the docs which can be found here


Thank you Pjones, I realized I didn’t create a tenant role with clouds access, but was looking at user roles the entire time, thank you.