How to monitor syslog and whether it is possible to send mail

I set the Morpheus syslog forwarding rule as follows. (Warning or higher is recorded for all facilities)

If I check the Monitoring → Log menu, all INFO levels lower than Warning are recorded.
Am I misunderstanding the function or is there an incorrect configuration?

Could you please confirm if your VM is managed and also confirm whether the Morpheus agent is installed or not?

The Syslog forwarder does not forward instance events to e-mail it’s designed to forward server events onto an external Syslog server.

The name field is not used as an event forwarding parameter it is used for the rule name within Morpheus and the Comment within the configuration file 102-morph-forwarders.conf is written to /opt/morpheus-node/embedded/conf/rsyslog.d

Here is an example syslog forward rule configuration: Screen Shot on 2022-09-09 at 11-21-57.png - Droplr the rules defined by the user will be added to the 102-morph-forwarders.conf the defined rules will then be forwarded onto the instance to the external syslog server. When rules are added or removed, the Morpheus agent will automatically stop and restart the rsyslogd daemon.

Contents of 102-morph-forwarders.conf

` 1. Morpheus Forwarder Error
2. :msg, contains, "Error" *.*@@logger01:514
* # Morpheus Forwarder logs
3. *.*@@logger01:514