How to get Deleted instance report from Morpheus for every 30 days or 90 days

I am looking for a report where i can find Deleted instance report for every 30 days or more, I dont see any any such reporting available in Morpheus portal. Please help, is there any way or any automation to get such reports? Appreciate any help here.


Hi @ajayk,

This could be built as a custom report. The table process would be the table to inspect with SQL. Use column date_created between now - 30 and now and filter on process_type_id 15 which is the “teardown” process type.

If you didn’t want to create the report plugin, you could use any application that could connect to the DB like Grafana or even Excel.

In the Instances Table, i do not see a column "Process_Type_id. Please help

& I dont see custom report option under Reporting, not sure what m missing here ?

Hi, custom reports are built as Morpheus plugins and must be be installed as a plugins. You would need to develop this yourself.

The table you need in the database is the process table. For example this query would just need date ranges adding:

select display_name as `deleted instance`, date_created as `date deleted`, ref_type as `type`, process_type_name as `operation` from process where process_type_id = 15;

It outputs this on my appliance:

Thanks, But i am not getting any output.

So there are no records matching process_type_id 15.

Check your process_type table to confirm it is the correct id for teardown (I guess it could be different between Morpheus versions)

select code, id from process_type where code = 'teardown';


Its 91.


My Morpheus version is 6.0.8

Worth knowing. I’d probably use a query which linked the code on name to avoid that, but this was just a quick example. You should be sorted now. Swap 15 for 91 in the original query and you are away :+1:

Looks like the quotes have been stripped in your query - add them back and that query should be fine

Thank you. I really appreciate your help.

Any documentation is available to enable custom report plugin for such report ?

Here you go: Morpheus Plugin Documentation