How do I List availability zone based selections while provisioning in catalog

In a single region, I need to show a drop down of multiple availability zones to end users in catalog. How do i do this ?

I don’t find any selections for availability zones while adding a Cloud account. Only VPC’s, Regions and subnets references are available.

What is the use case you are working on? AZs being tied to subnets, the subnet selection I think would cover most use cases without a need for an independent AZ selection.

Hi … We have use case were end users will select AZ from front end (These are non-technical users). We need to cater AZ’s from different AWS accounts. I have created a sample in Morpheus and attached here for reference. Let me know, how do we ensure to provision into particular location (AZ) in Morpheus based on front end selection by not providing a subnet information.

If users are not selecting a subnet and only an AZ, does this mean you only have one subnet per AZ per account? Would different users in different groups be assigned to different subnets in the same account based on some backend magic after selecting the AZ?

Possible Solution: Set the display name on your subnets within Morpheus to match the availability zone the subnet resides in.
If you have multiple groups accessing different subnets in different accounts, you can set the permissions per subnet for each group so they would only see the subnets (AZs) assigned to them. If there is only one network per AZ, you can ignore that last piece.
You can use our example from the docs site on Cascading Inputs to see how to only get the networks that are assigned to the selected cloud.

Yes, actually we have shared farm and one subnet is enabled per AZ.

Let me try to do with Labelling the AZ and keeping the back values as Subnets.
Or we may need to translate AZ value to subnet from front end.

Let me know if there is a documentation reference to translate the value to backend data.