Hide Task Output but use the value in another Task

I need to retrieve a sensitive information from a remote endpoint using Rest API calls. But I don’t want this information to be displayed on the Task Output. But I want that output value to another task. Also I dont want to merge this two task because that first task needs to be reused for multiple other tasks. Please advise.

The best option is probably writing the value to cypher in the first script. Then you could either have a task clean up the cypher, or just each run pulls the latest value and the cypher value.

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Even though this is good option, the issue will be that there could be users running the task at the same time which may collide with the Cypher variable.
Anyhow, Could you please provide some examples to update the Cypher directly. Anyhow, I know there is an option using the API.

I would take a look at generating a cypher with a randomly generated name. Pass that as the output of your results. Then the following calls could use something like

<%= cypher.read("secret\" + results.blah) %>

Cypher API docs can be found here.

If you have further issues or require demonstration of this flow, I would recommend opening a Technical Request at https://support.morpheusdata.com


Very good idea. Depending on how often this task is executed and how long the respective information remains relevant, the Cypher entry could also be designed accordingly. The task ID, the instance name or similar could be used in the name. In addition, a separate mount point could be created for clarity.
<%= cypher.read("secret\MountPointName" + results.blah) %>