Have options available to always select the latest image of the platform in question

Option to always use latest OS image available

We need to have an option in the images to allow for the latest image of that platform to be selected.

Example/Use case(s):
Two problems that I have:

  1. If using custom node types with gcp marketplace images, once gcp updates the image, your custom node type is now useless until you select the newer image.
  2. When building in azure, the list is massive and causes confusion to what is exactly wanted. In most cases, the answer is just the ‘latest’ of windows or a linux flavor. I would like to build a custom node type and or catalogue item, that I know will always be the latest version.

Good idea, we had requested this in the previous feature system, however, it wasn’t ever built. As a workaround, we ended up writing a pipeline in Jenkins that figured out what the latest ami/gallery image id was and created new virtual images for them and updates the node types to point to the latest image. We run that on a monthly basis.