Hardware commitment GCP

Is it not possible today to see the infrastructure reservation ‘Hardware commitment’ through morpheus?

Hi @poyato

The clouds in morpheus would discover hosts and vms (if inventory enabled) with statistcis. It ould also discover other resources like networks, storage etc. We have analytics which help undertand the usage vs allocated for the vm’s. Hypervisor inventory usage report will provide you the statictics of the hosts utilization.

Does that answer your question?

I think you are looking for consumption of reserved compute? Sorry I’d have to dig a bit in gcp but you could augment this potentially with a custom report plugin. It could query with gcloud sdk to gather based on Morpheus inventory.

Additionally guidance plugins are going to be released soon and this would be something good to capture with that as well.

We have a contract that we can order on demand (pay as you go) or reserve for 1 year (BYOL). This BYOL is reserved on GCP and appears there under COMPUTE > Committed use discounts.
Commitments provide discounts for VMs and software licensing in return for 1-3 year purchase agreements. Can be a good option if your workloads have predictable resource needs.
As this reservation is not a vm it doesn’t appear in morpheus (as such) and I thought it would be possible to add this BYOL somehow

Could add a tab or report plugin that calls the gcloud sdk and pulls this data. @kgawronski added an example of using the gcloud sdk here.

I see Google has details on using/checking commitments here.