Edit/Set Instance Profile of AWS Instance post provisioning in UI

Enable the ability to change/edit instance profile for instance residing in AWS from UI of Morpheus Data.

For AWS Cloud, during the provisioning of an instance you have the option of defining a Instance Profile to the instance being deployed. However, no where in the UI are you able to change this.

Example/Use case(s):
Providing the ability to change the Instance profile will allow you to adjust permissions associated to the instance should this be needed post deployment. In my case there was a bug identified with provisioning Windows 2022 instances that have an Instance Profile assigned that invokes the Systems Manager service of AWS. When this instance profile is assigned to a new AWS instance, the SSM client is installed to the AWS instance. Which unfortunately is conflicting with the installation of the Morpheus Agent at provisioning time. Long story short, we could code this to happen after the fact. If the UI had the option where we could change/edit the Instance Profile then we could programmatically update this within Morpheus via internal code or someone could just flip the tag manually (not ideal) and not have to load the AWS CLI on an instance, then invoke a script to run. Oh wait, you need the Instance Profile defined in order to make that happen.