Database structure of Morpheus application

Dear Team,

Greeting, this is Duy from ACB company where we purchased Morpheus subcription and installed on-premise system.
There is a requirement from our governance team where need to extract the database structure and data field settings (not data included) for data management.
Could you please advise if any approach for this, or can we go to Percona mysql to extract such info?
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Hi @duy.duong ,

We do not recommend to do changes on Morpheus DB for data management/protection etc
To extract the schema you can use mysqldump.

mysqldump -u user -h localhost --no-data -p database > database.sql

Note: There might be schema changes with releases.

@aabraham , thanks you for your reply.

The purpose of this as we want to get the data structure and their value settings (string, characters…) for library data management which is required in SDLC process.

Is there available type of this document (database description) from Morpheus?

Thanks and regards