Can the morpheus agent be set to not forward logs to Morpheus proper?

I’ve been asked about if there’s a way to set a config setting or the like in relation to the Morpheus agent so it does not forward logs to Morpheus, just system performance metrics, and if so could it be done in a way that sticks through upgrades (like when the reconfig is done after a yum update).

The systems in question are mainly Windows based for the current group asking.

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If you navigate to Administration > Settings > Monitoring you can disable Logs Enabled under the Logging Settings section. Morpheus will no longer store the logs from clients. Disabling this setting will still allow the performance metrics to be collected. For example, I currently have my logs disabled but I am still seeing the proper metrics as I stress test one of my nodes:

Here is the documentation page with more information:

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Thanks for the reply! We currently do have that set to 1 day, but with the fact that doesn’t need to retain anything while keeping metrics and I assume health status, we can look at flipping that to disabled.

I think in the case the end user was looking to see if there was a client side setting to just disable the forwarding of at the source point or not.


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Thanks for the clarification, @rjr162. At this time, there would not be a single point to disable it on the client side, as you asked. It could be done manually but the setting would be reverted on an agent upgrade.

I’d highly recommend adding this as an “Idea” in the Ideas section of the forums here. Make sure to vote on it as well!

We are also in the smilar situation, one of the windows server throwing at least few thoused sytem logs per milli second, and Morpehus agent is trying to collect them, in the process of collecting applianceStatsQueue is growing super fast, which is causing Morpehus to be super slow, so we ended up stoping the morpheus agent on that server, but we want to run the agent on that server, but Agent should not collect any logs, i hope there should be a setting in the agent config so it will not collect,

Agents/Morpheus will update the functionality estimated v6.0.2 per the idea here:

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