Blueprint output in morpheus varaibales

Hi Team,

I have created one Morpheus blueprint with two Vm’s. Created two ansible tasks and created the separate post provision workflow for each one.

One for instance1 and another one for instance2. In the first workflow going to fetch some configuration and stored it in variable.

I want that value needs to be access on the instance2 post provision ansible tasks.

Ibrahim K

You can create an environment variable on the instance type and set it to export so that all instances in an application blueprint that utilize the instance type will have access to it.

You can see the instance type configuration in the docs here.
Instance Types — Morpheus Docs documentation (

We cover this and a lot more in our Automation and Advanced Provisioning class.
You can see more about the class here.
Class Syllabus

Thanks @sjabro . Could you please provide some more details? how to create an dynamic environment variable from Morpheus? I am able to see we can able to create environment variables manually in the advanced sections. For me that needs to be in dynamic value ex; once instance gets provisioned need to execute some command that command output, I need to pass it as a variable to other instance.