✅ AWS Cloud Onboarding

Currently AWS Cloud Registration is based on AWS Access Key and Secret Key

Could we enhance it to support Assume IAM Role and External ID?

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Assume Role can be used today for AWS cloud integrations. The fields are discussed in our documentation here: AWS — Morpheus Docs documentation

Thanks Chris,

Could we have only ROLEARN as mandatory field for AWS Onboarding ? As the form still is expecting Access KEy and Secret Key. We do not want to onboard AWS Accounts using Access Key and Secrets. Rather use Role ARN and External ID

We, too, need support for AssumeRole with an optional External ID in Morpheus LTS.


Would be great if we had support for AssumeRole to utilize the External ID within Morpheus. The AWS CLI just has it as an additional parameter to be passed in when assuming role.


I would like to see the External ID implemented as well. An extra layer of security never hurts in todays day and age, and could be a feature asked for by certain customer groups. As @MrBreckenridge said, it looks to be a fairly easy lift.