Allow task timeout value to be set / for timeout to be reset when output received

Allow user to: 1) set timeout value for a task (e.g. 120 seconds), 2) tick an option that causes timeout to be reset if output is received from task.

When creating automation tasks, I would like to be able to control how long a task can potentially run for before it is terminated. The timeout either applying to entire duration of the task or optionally since the last output was generated. For the latter to work, Morpheus needs to detect/display output far more frequently. For example…

When running bash script when logged into server, script:
Outputs text, e.g. Installing xxx
Does some work
Outputs text. e.g. Configuring xxx
Does some work
Outputs texts, e.g. Connecting to zzz
Attempts to do some work but hangs because zzz is unreachable

When running same bash script via Morpheus, don’t see output at all, just get empty black window. Morpheus should be far more responsive and display whatever output is available in a timely manner (every few seconds), regardless of whether the output is terminated with CR or NL or combination of.

Example/Use case(s):
Running any automation task. Enhancement gives the task creator better control/aids debugging and the user invoking the task better feedback/improved level of service.