Tekton as CICD Pipeline for API remote execution perspectives

Be able to plug Morpheus part of a CICD backed by Tekton as part of a Tekton catalog Tekton Hub

Multiple use cases to plug Morpheus from a CICD like Tekton

Example/Use case(s):

  1. Be able to provision (from a CICD Pipeline) Morpheus Service, rolling upgrade test, regression tests, integrate tuning scripts, destroying.

  2. Be able to provision (from a CICD Pipeline) a Kubernetes Cluster (EKS, GCP, MKS, External K8S Cluster) through Morpheus itself.

Hi @Sylvain are you envisioning Morpheus calling Tekton to run tasks, or tasks running against Morpheus to build objects?

Hi @cbunge, Both of them are expected
thanks for your followup