MVM Beta is Now Public!


Welcome to the Morpheus MVM Beta!

We’re excited to have everyone start to test the Morpheus KVM flavor “MVM” in their labs. An end-to-end guide for configuring host nodes, provisioning a cluster, and using the MVM cluster UI is in Morpheus UI documentation here. To simplify the questions users may have, we’ve included tables of current, in progress, or planned MVM features below. Additionally, any bugs that we are aware of will be published per the latest release as well.

MVM can deploy both ‘HCI’ (3+ hosts with automated CEPH clustering) as well as ‘stand alone’ (1+ hosts with external storage) clusters. All licenses will support up to 1 cluster of 3 hosts and can be deployed on Bare Metal (recommended) or Virtual Servers (will not be a true test of performance).


  • Morpheus: 7.0.3+
  • Host Counts:
    • Non-Converged Configuration: 1 min, 3 max
    • Converged Configuration (HCI): 3 Hosts
  • CPU: One or more 64-bit x86 CPUs, 1.5 GHz minimum with Intel VT or AMD-V enabled
  • Memory:
    • Non-Converged Storage Configuration: 4 GB minimum
    • Converged Configuration (HCI): 4 GB + 4 GB per CEPH disk
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Disk Space:
    • OS: 15 GB minimum
    • Data: 500 GB minimum
  • Network Connectivity: Internet connectivity to download required KVM and CEPH packages

Network Communication Ports

Description Source Destination Port Protocol
Morpheus agent communication with the Morpheus server MVM Host Morpheus Server 443 TCP
MVM host configuration and management Morpheus Server MVM Host 22 TCP
MVM interhost communication for clustered deployments MVM Host MVM Host 22 TCP
Morpheus server SSH access for deployed virtual machines Morpheus Server MVM Hosted VMs 22 TCP
Morpheus server WinRM access for deployed virtual machines Morpheus Server MVM Hosted Virtual Machines 5985/5986 TCP
CEPH Storage MVM Host MVM Host 3300 TCP
CEPH Storage MVM Host MVM Host 6789 TCP
CEPH MDS/ODS MVM Host MVM Host 6800-7300 TCP


Feature Description Status Release
Affinity Placement The ability to pin VMs to hosts Released 7.0.2
Backup/Restore VM The ability to backup or restore an existing VM to a new target Released 7.0.1
Brownfield Discovery Brownfield (existing) discovery of VMs Released 7.0.0
CEPH Storage Configuration Automated CEPH Deployment and Clustering Released 7.0.0
CEPH Summary A high level summary dashboard of CEPH components Released 7.0.3
Clone VM The ability to clone a VM Released 7.0.1
Cluster Provisioning Automated Cluster Deployment via Morpheus Released 7.0.0
DRS The ability to have a cluster placement and rebalance with basic settings Released 7.0.3
Fiber Channel Storage Ability to add / provision to Fiber Channel storage resources via GFS2 or OCFS2 Filesystem Released 7.0.3
Host Deployment Validation Validation of Networking and Storage Devices at time of Cluster Configuration Released 7.0.3
Host Details Reflect physical/virtual host details and resources Released 7.0.1
Host Maintenance Mode The ability to remove or add a host to service with Maintenance Mode (MM) actions Released 7.0.0
Hypervisor Console Connect to a VM directly via the Hypervisor, rather than RDP/SSH Released 7.0.0
Inject Virtio Drivers Building Windows VMs require Virtio drivers at build. This allows the ability for the drivers to be injected at creation Released 7.0.1
iSCSI Storage Ability to add / provision to iSCSI storage resources via GFS2 or OCFS2 Filesystem Released 7.0.3
Live VM Compute Migrations Manual migration of compute resources for a VM Released 7.0.0
Network Provisioning Configuration and Deployment of OVS networks (VLANS) Released 7.0.0
NFS Storage Ability to add / provision to NFS storage resources Released 7.0.0
Provision VM Provisioning of Windows or Linux VMs Released 7.0.0
ISO Boot VM booting from ISO for image building Released 7.0.0
Reconfigure VM Ability to change / reconfigure sizing and resources of VM Released 7.0.1
UEFI Support Ability to provision VMs with UEFI Released 7.0.1
Differential Backups Differential Backups of VMs utilizing Karman Planned -
Host Hardware Monitoring Monitor and report on device thresholds and failures of the underlying hypervisor Planned -
Live VM Storage Migration Manual migration of storage resources for a VM Planned -
MVM Deployment Image A pre-packaged image with OS + MVM features for simplified and offline deployment Planned -
Network Load-Balancers Network Load-Balancers integration Planned -
Network Routers Network Router integration with Overlay Networks Planned -
Overlay Networks Network virtualization utilizing Overlay Networks Planned -
Pluggable DRS User Customizations to DRS Placement Planned -
Pluggable Storage Backends User customizable storage integrations Planned -
MVM Shell Utility The ability to configure MVM hosts with a shell UI at the host level In Progress -
Support for Ubuntu 24.04 Supportable underlying Hypervisor OS of 24.04 In Progress -
VM Snapshots HCI (CEPH) [working] and Non-HCI [WIP] VM snapshots and restore In Progress -

Known Issues 7.0.3

Issue Description Status
Non-HCI Snapshots Non-HCI (CEPH) Snapshot and Restore of VMs In Progress
Reconfigure Networking Triggering a reconfigure changing network results in intermittent failure In Progress