Morpheus to use APIGEE (API Gateway) for any API calls over the internet

Hello Experts,

Our Customers Cyber Security team recommends that Morpheus uses only stc APIGEE (API Gateway) for any API calls over the internet, whether inbound or outbound. If Morpheus supports that, they have to list down those API calls that are needed to allow on Customer’s APIGEE (API Gateway). Is it possible ?

Hi Piyush,

Do you want to front APIGEE for morpheus API’s or you want morpheus to use APIGEE for any API the application does for the services/integrations built in?

Morpheus to talk to APIGEE API to reach to public cloud like AWS, Azure or Google. No direct access would allow to public cloud API from Morpheus.

This is not possible, we can use a proxy to reach out to public cloud.