Good to have Cron selection in option Lists

Good to have a Cron selection in option Lists.


We have a requirment to pass the cron selection in our background script, It is a good to have in option list to select a Cron selection,. based on user selction it should create a cron some thing like “cron(0 * * * ? *)”, then we can use that value in scripts through options.

Example/Use case(s):
For Example: we are creating a AWS DataSync through catalog item, While creating the DataSync, users need to select when this DataSync can be run, like every 1ht, every Day, day of a week, day of a month, etc,. Since there is no option for cron selection in Option, we are asking users to enter manually. some times users can get misstyped or missspeled. If we have option list where users can select samething like when we can select power schedule, then we can pass that value to backgroup script. I think same functionality what Morpehus have for power schedule selection, some how if you incorporate that in the options lists,.