GCP Region Zone ID

When working with the Configuration phase of a workflow, I am trying to get the region and/or zone that is chosen in the default UI for GCP.  However, when I return the spec variable, it returns "googleZoneId": 185 but not the friendly name such as us-central1-f


Is there a way to access the friendly values in the Configuration phase?  I don’t seem to have access to the input variable in that phase, which might have it.  Also, I’m not sure I see a way to query it via the API, are the different zones available via the API that I could reference the 185 ID?  I don’t see them listed in the clouds endpoint.  Trying to find some way to identify what the user chose.

Most likely we could pull that via the api. We can look in the AM

Circling back on this.  Chris and I tested a few items the other day, to see what we could find.  He found this endpoint but it does not seem to return any data:
I don't see any info in the apidocs on it.  Is it operational?  Or any additional ideas on how to map the gooleZoneId to a friendly name?

Curious if we need to supply some sort of query params to get that to return? I tried adding zoneId and siteId but we always get an empty array for data.


odd I tried that to no return

just a get at that path, correct?


annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn now it works

I bet I was doing zoneRegion

It sounds like we need to add the friendly name to the spec template tho

not thinking to do plural

ez enough

hmmm odd I was doing api/options/zoneRegions... just looked at my notes, but maybe I kept mapping the resourcePoolId too and caused an issue?  Either way, thanks!
Korey Gawronski does that get you what you need?
Nah Chris, I'll back you up, I still have zoneRegions in my Postman and I could have sworn we tried that one.  However, it is working for me as well, so maybe there was a solar flare or something 🙂


Looks like what I need is there. Thanks guys!