Administration > Integrations File Location missing after upgrade

We are testing an upgrade from 5.4.5 to 5.4.8 and when we look at an Integration item which was created on/before 5.4.5 in the 5.4.8 upgraded environment the “file location” field is not showing in the UI (and if we hit ‘save’ it is cleared out and stops working, if we add the file location back it doesn’t stay and saves as blank so it stops working, it also doesn’t allow it to be deleted). If we don’t touch it, it works, but there’s risk.

NOTE: The integration type is an Approvals plugin (we actually have multiple, all behaving the same way)

I’m not following “file location”. Are there any scrubbed images you can share? Is that file location field specific to your custom plugin?

Here is what the UI popup currently shows: